The unexpected reason why exported pepper is constantly classified as

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The unexpected reason why exported pepper is constantly classified as "golden stream"

(NLĐO) - Pepper is a key export agricultural product, but recently it has been continuously classified as a "golden stream", causing businesses to incur additional costs for customs clearance.

Recently, the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) received feedback from businesses that when opening the pepper export declaration, the proportion of yellow channel declarations accounted for more than 60%, especially with 95 enterprises declaring gold channel. % while in the past this rate was less than 10%, the rest are green streams, exempt from inspection. This has caused a lot of difficulties for businesses when costs increase, especially during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, traveling to process customs clearance will have many potential risks of Covid exposure. -19.

VPA has reported in writing to the General Department of Vietnam Customs on this issue and received a reply on July 21, stating that pepper is a conditional export item (medicine), so the customs must perform the analysis. inspection flow according to specialized management documents.

This document also states that, in case it is determined that the exporter of pepper is a medicinal ingredient not used for medicinal purposes according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, the customs authority shall carry out customs clearance on the system, ensuring the approval of the importer. benefit the business.

Before this problem, at the end of the afternoon of July 22, the VPA sent a written request to the Ministry of Health to remove black pepper from the list of conditional export and not subject to risk management. In case the enterprise's request is not considered, the VPA proposes the Ministry of Health to provide specific guidance on documents and procedures for certifying that the enterprise's exported pepper is not for medicinal purposes and medicinal ingredients. for enterprises to submit to the customs office as instructed.

Pepper is on the list of 13 key agricultural products of Vietnam and was once in the "billion dollar" export club. In the first 6 months of 2021, Vietnam exported 154,000 tons, with a turnover of 497 million USD, up 39.8% in value. In which, 80% of the output is granular black pepper, the rest are: ground black pepper, white pepper, ground white pepper, vinegared pepper, etc.

Businesses confirmed that black pepper is a common export agricultural product, mainly used as a seasoning in food processing in the import market. Although pepper can be used as medicine, the import markets set very strict standards for medicinal products, while so far no Vietnamese enterprises have met them. . Moreover, Vietnamese pepper export enterprises do not have a pharmaceutical business function but only register for import and export business of agricultural products.


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